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Managing a community can be hard work. We provide a simple and easy-to-use platform to help association boards manage their communities and engage with residents - bringing your corner of the world closer together.


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Better your community by empowering your board

As a board member, your community gives you their trust to run their community efficiently, communicate effectively, and at the lowest price. OurCorner offers many tools that do just that. Our easy-to-use portal will make many of your daily, monthly, quarterly, and yearly tasks a breeze.


Who do we serve

We serve all associations that manage a community of homes. Whether you are an HOA or a condominium, our tools will help ease the administrative burden while also increasing communication and transparency among your residents. OurCorner was built with small communities in mind but no matter your size, you can find value in OurCorner.

How We Can Help

Hassle Free Online Payments

We don’t believe in manual labor, whether you’re going door-to-door or simply driving to the bank, we strive to make collecting dues a trouble-free process. From now on, have your residents pay all their HOA-related dues online. No more buying paper and printer ink!
  • Create invoices online
  • Accept ACH and credit cards
  • Upcoming and overdue email reminders
  • Reduce delinquent payments
  • Reduce your communities carbon footprint
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Hassle Free Online Payments

Communication Made Easy

The key to any great association is communication. With OurCorner, we provide an easy way for residents and board members to reach out to the community. No more email lists or even going door to door to send out communications. We provide each community with a private announcement board and a place to discuss community topics.
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    Communication Made Easy

    Organize Meetings

    Meetings are an essential part of running your association. Why send out letters when OurCorner can do that for you? Set up a meeting, and we will let everyone in the community know about it. You can add attachments and meeting minutes to the meeting so residents can stay up to date with what is going on in the community, even if they can't attend.
      Organize Meetings

      Store and Share Documents

      OurCorner provides a secure place to store all your community-related documents. Besides keeping your data safe, you can share documents with the residents like your CC&R. All of your data is highly secured and always available.
        Store and Share Documents

        Customer Service for You

        OurCorner wants to provide the best possible experience when using our platform. We are more than happy to answer all of your questions! We love showing off our platform and are more than happy to show you all the benefits we provide. Hit the "Schedule A Demo" button, and we will be in touch!
          Customer Service for You
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          Simplify Association Management and Enrich Community Relationships

          About Us

          OurCorner was created by people like you

          Here at OurCorner, we understand the duties and frustrations of running an association. For many communities, running one can feel like a full time job. With OurCorner, you can get back your time and sanity with the many tools we offer.

          What makes us different, is we strive to help both the administrators as well as the residents. We want to help organizations of all sizes, not just the large ones. We utilize modern technology to help automate tasks such as collect dues and fees for the administrators and increase transparency and trust in the community. OurCorner provides a safe and secure online presence for all residents to connect and stay informed with what is happening in their community.

          Our platform offers your community a one-stop-shop for running your HOA. As an administrator, creating invoices and receiving online payments has never been easier. For your residents, a single place to get all the information they need related to their community is essential.OurCorner gives your members a place to voice their questions and concerns and enable conversations to take place that could never before.

          Our founders live in an HOA and are on the board themselves. They uniquely understand the issues communities face. They created OurCorner to help solve their problems and are now opening up their solution to your community. OurCorner is subscription free and easy to use.

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